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    I want to ask YOU the community: of all the effects that come with the G1X Four (amps, cabs, pedals, etc.), which ones would you keep and which ones would you remove (and which ones would you add that didn't come with it)?

    I want to weed out all the effects that are just pointless (bomb, hot spice, etc.) or that are redundant (for example, how many types of compressors do I really need, or how many choruses do I need). I just want to simplify the use of this device. I know for some of these effects, it's helpful to have a few to offer variations in tone (especially amp/cab models). So I'm just simply asking, of all the "effects" which ones would you consider essential on it's own and which ones would you throw out?

    I've deleted the ones that I've personally found useless such as the random filter & step filter, pitch shifter, vibrato—they're fun but I really don't use them or need those. I deleted the octaver effect but I think I should put it back on since it is useful to have. I just want to simplify the number and quality of effects and eliminate redundancy. Variety is good, though.

    Here are the effects I removed...
    SlowATTCK - I can do this with a volume pedal
    SeqFLTR - dumb effect
    RndmFLTR- dumb effect
    Step - dumb effect
    Aco.Sim - because if I want to play acoustic, I'll play an acoustic and not with my electric
    Vibrato - I really don't see myself using this and can probably emulate it with a flange/phaser but I might add it back
    PitchSHFT - Only useful for single string playing and even so, just a bit gimmicky
    HPS - Same reason as above
    Bomber - a very dumb effect
    HotSpice - fun to play with but useless to me
    P-P Delay - I have no reason to use a stereo delay since I play out of a mono amp

    I'm unsure about:
    GrayComp - how many compressors do I really need? Can't I just have "one to rule them all"?
    ParaEQ -not sure I find this all that useful or effective more than a general 7-band EQ

    Of all the Drives which ones would you say are "must haves"? I added "MetalWRLD" because I use to own a Boss Metalzone. Unfortunately this one doesn't give you the Freq. scoop knob.

    I'd just assume to leave all the amps & cabs in there. Which ones do you think are the best or offer the best sound?

    I've added the Ibanez wah and think it sounds better than the default version. I've added a few other effects that didn't come with it but can't remember off the top of my head which ones they were.

    I like the variety of delays and reverbs, but it has me wondering which one is the "go to"?

    If anyone can chime in I'd love to read how you have tailored this unit to your needs.
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    Well, there is no universal answer depends on what kind of guitar player you are , and what kind of sound you need to play ... It's a personnal choice, and you can reload effects if you miss them ;-).
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    I have a few analog effects and a Valeton Mini Amp Head. I couldn’t justify keeping the Zoom until i used it for all of my modulation and time based stuffs. It’s a permanent fixture because I know that I am stubborn. lol