False God - Burn Down [metalcore]

Discussion in 'Video & Sound clips Demo Areas' started by Fluffy, Aug 31, 2021.

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  2. Ranveer

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    Using Zoom G1xOn.....????
    No Really.....??
  3. Fluffy

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    No. It's ToneLibGFX vst plugin.
  4. Marauder Music

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    Perfect Drums?? Reminds me of Light the Torch a bit. Love it!!

    I immediate thought of this song, not sure why, maybe its the tuning?:
  5. Fluffy

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    Nope. I downloaded drum samples from the middle of nowhere in internet and program them in Hydrogen.

    Wow, is this that guy from Killswitch Engage? Didn't know)

    Tuning..maybe. in this song I believe I was in Drop B
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  7. Fluffy

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    The intro sounds a bit similar. It's interesting, but I've never heard this song before.