Flood of spam emails when subscribed to a form thread

Discussion in 'Forum Related' started by dave_t, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. dave_t

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    Am I the only one getting a flood of spam emails after I subscribed to a forum? They are allegedly from a user named "jdshflkklkflk01". The subject line and body are a flood of (I'm assuming) Chinese characters. Some of them have the complete or truncated names of U.S. and Canadian universities in the email subject and body. Yesterday I got (literally) over 60 of them in the space of a couple of hours. If anyone from Tonelib monitors this forum, is there a way to monitor and/or stop this? Thanks. Dave_t
  2. Tonelib

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    We've been getting hit by these awful Chinese spammers.:( Sorry.
  3. dave_t

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    Thanks for the reply. At least I know I'm not the only one. Hope there's some way to stop it. Loving the forum and the software otherwise. Thanks. Dave_t
  4. How do I send the presets with the IRs together?
  5. Admin

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    1. Click on "Upload a File" under the post you are editing:

    2. Select the file on your computer

    3. Wait for it to upload:

    4. If it's an image, click on "Full Image", or "Thumbnail"
  6. Michael_S

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    There is also an increasing amount of spam in the forum. Is it possible to add a "report spam" button to the forum?