Foot controller MIDI for ZOOM MS

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    The controller connects to the USB input of the processor and allows you to sequentially flip through the processor patches. The right button increases the number of the patch, the left - decreases.

    Turning on the devices should be performed in the following sequence:

    Connect the supplied adapter power cord to the ZOOM power socket and any controller power socket. Connect an external power supply (not included) with another voltage socket with a voltage of 9 volts, at least 500 mA, and a minus in the center. Connect the USB output of the controller (type A, mother) with a cable with a USB mini processor socket. Plug in the power supply. Within 1-2 seconds, the processor will download the patch, and the controller LED will flash briefly, confirming its inclusion. Next, the controller "waits" for 3 seconds so that the processor can load the patch and tries to establish a USB connection with it. If the connection is successful, the controller LED will flash again.

    After turning on the power, the current processor patch is the one that was last when the processor was turned off. However, after right-clicking the controller installs the first patch in the Memory list. In the future, the page is scrolled through the list with buttons.

    If you hold down any button for more than 1.5 seconds, then the “auto change” of the patch number occurs. Upon reaching the "extreme" numbers - the first and 50th patch, further change does not occur.

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    Is that related with tonelib?