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    I tried to recreate this iconic bass intro by my ear and some YouTube videos and it came out pretty good I have to say. This is only for the intro, but after the intro I would use like some compression, boost mids a lot, add treble and use your tone nob or whatever. Feel free to use this and change it up to make it sound more original to the recording I would love to see improvements posted to my patch so that I can use them and others too.

    BassWah, P-FREQ: 41, Range: 54, Dry: 61, Vol: 16

    NYC Muff, SUSTN: 30, Tone: 65, BAL: 70, Vol: 35

    BassTsDrive, Gain: 22, Tone: 73, BAL: 71, Vol: 60

    MB Comp, Comp: 90, LoTHR: 50, HiTHR: 58, Vol: 24

    Room, PreD: 30, Decay: 25, Mix: 72, Tail ON

    Output 14 Lo, 22 Mid, 28 High, Vol 36

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    Here is a file to your settings.

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