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    Hi, when I use DI and headphones the G1 four is sharp and clear. But when I output to an interface for DAW tracks the sound loses some clarity.SHould I have the volume up at max
    on the patch to run it into an interface??When I use headphones I usually am at about 45
    volume but of course the fx have their own gain levels sometimes and that varies...I guess I am at around 50 on gains for individual fx....Stereo Chorus is a good example of a dynamic and pretty loud patch DI....I use that with delays and reverbs a lot. but I want a dynamic sound when I am tracking in Cubase too.... anyone got any tips on this???
    I use a Steinberg RT2 and go in the front mic/line plugs......should I try going in the Hi Z
    even though the G1 four outputs a line level signal..???
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    In my DAW, Mixcraft I pull the volume slider for the guitar track to a minimum, and tweaks the bass and treble, and when I mix down a song I use the setting "Restore De-Hiss 1" setting in Izotope Mastering Essentials, and a multiband compressor with AGC+limiter. Thats helps to peak the volume and give clarity to the sound. In your own DAW of choice there is such VSTs available in most of them, and many great free VSTs that does the same job.

    But the combination of multiband compressor and any filter that limit AGC would do it. There is many other ways to tweak, but this two works best for me

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    I meant that the sound of the guitar in my monitor headphones is not great....its better when you use the DAW effects plug ins but I like to use the G1 for the sound of it too ..it has to sound dynamic when I play or else I don't play as good..so I am trying to improve the realtime sound as I play....its important for playing guitar..
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    Oh, sorry. I read it in a hurry. No I understand. I would give Hi Z a chance - that's the reason that I bought the Sonuus i2M Musicport Audio to MIDI Interface (No becuse it's a Midi-converter), and it's as you know a HI-Z interface, and it gives more clarity to the sound comparing to traditional audio interfaces. So if you got that feature on your Steinberg RT2 a try to use it! It demands some tweaks, but it worth it in the end when it results in brighter and clear sound.

    I was on a budget so I bought this Sonuus that only have one input for the guitar (via the pedal), so it's very simplified. But it's also an Midi converter that works ok, but is only able to convert single tones, not chords to Midi. The Sonuus is a very old, but at aprox $120 it gave value for the money, and HI-Z does really give a good natural guitar sound, so as I said, try to use it on your RT2.

    Later I will buy a better audio interface and I was actually thinking of RT2. Are you satisfied with your? Sorry for the text mass, but only one quiestion, what version of Cubase are you using?

    I have tried so many DAWs that I can't remember, but Mixcraft Pro Studio 8 is best suited for me. It works ecpecially well when you play a lot of Midi keyboards as I do. I hope that you are able to get a clear and sharp guitar sound! Regards /Kenneth