G1on for Synthesizers and drumcomputers

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Jeroen Moonen, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Jeroen Moonen

    Jeroen Moonen New Member

    Hello everybody, is there someone out the who use the G1on for Synthesizers/Drumcomputers. I find out this fX pedal is a good companion when you use it with a drumcomputer/synthesizer. I use 2 G1on's with the looper to spice up my music. I am curious if anybody use this pedals also this way and make patches for it.
  2. Eleni_Be

    Eleni_Be New Member

    Hi, Jeroen, i do use this for about everything (have two and use them as serial as well as parallel outboard fx gear).
    for ambience and particle reverb check out https://soundcloud.com/treangeli/ausklang
    alas, as i have begun too late to document patches, i've no special one uploaded but it was just tweaking the settings to less obvious fx
    best, e