g1x four through amp fx loop

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Davee, May 14, 2020.

  1. Davee

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    I tried to plug it directly to my tube amp head, but it doesn't sound as good as through headphones or a real cab, then should I use my amp fx loop? The people in the videos I found had no problems with the effects through an amp, so it seems odd to me, even more because even the manual suggests to plug it to the front of the amp
  2. davebaxter

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    hi davee its davea here . first what tube amp head do you have because some tube amp heads such as hughes and kettner or messa have switchable pre or post effects loops related to the pre amp on the head . if you are using your zoom pedal patch as an amp simulator with effects you will need to plug your guitar into your zoom and then plug the output of your zoom into the return of your effects loop on your head . this will bypass your heads preamp and should give you a great result . if you are using your zoom pedal
    as an effects only patch ( no amp or cab model ) then plug your guitar into your amp head . then pre amp out on your head to guitar in on your pedal , then pedal out to return on your head . it is also important to make sure that the volume dial on your zoom is set fairly low to ensure there is no digital clipping in your amp had , it is the fourth dial to the right on the g1x four . i hope this helps you dave
  3. Davee

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    I use a Hughes&Kettner Tubemeister 20 Deluxe with a built-in Redbox. I also tried to turn it on and off to see how it affects tone with a cab sim running at the same time. I'll try to plug to plug it in the return of my fx loop and see what happens.