G1XFOUR - All patches deleted, memory still full

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by xzombeex, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. xzombeex

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    Hi- I'm new to this thing. I downloaded ToneLib software...works fine...I deleted all the preloaded patches from the G1XFOUR unit and it still says memory is 99% full. When I upload a new patch, it will load some of the components of the effects chain, but some of them have error messages saying not enough memory. What am I missing here?
    Thanks !
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  2. bigmalh

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    Hi its the effects you must remove not the patches look through them to see which you like and unload those you dont this will free up memory to load in more effects
  3. xzombeex

    xzombeex New Member

    Thanks .... got it figured out ! (My Metallica was sounding like Nickleback.... yeeeeesh.)