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  1. Ray Maas

    Ray Maas New Member

    Any plans to add patches for Gce-3?
  2. bigmalh

    bigmalh New Member

    Just to bump this
    I have just got gce-3 didnt realize not supported by tonelib zoom
    any plans to add this device guitar lab 7 is STILL buggy ie drops out all the time help
  3. shooking_sybase

    shooking_sybase New Member

    I am reverse engineering the pedal now - you can read more about it at:


    (and rest of the github).

    My hope is Tonelib dev might find the info useful so they can hack the support in.
    Very versatile piece of kit (both GCE and Tonelib).
    Would love a Raspberry Pi version - happy to help.