GFX - backing track/rhythm/recording enhancements

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  1. Riffer H

    Riffer H New Member

    I love that GFX now has rhythm and backing track functionality, it makes the standalone app so much more useful for me. Just to round out the feature set and make it even better, though, it would be nice to have more comprehensive control of rhythm and backing track playback, and recording. These are the things I wish I could do:
    • start/stop rhythm playback via MIDI
    • start/stop recording via midi
    • start/stop backing track playback via MIDI (separately assignable from rhythm, of course)
    • set loop in/out via keyboard/MIDI (during playback, at current position)
    • turn loop on/off via keyboard/MIDI
    • rewind backing track to beginning via keyboard/MIDI
    • have an option to always restart backing track/loop from beginning after stopping playback
    • tap rhythm tempo via MIDI
    With these features I could do most things with my foot controller, which would make my practice sessions (and theoretically live performance, if I ever did such a thing:p) a lot more comfortable since I wouldn't need to be reaching for my mouse & keyboard all the time.
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  2. Gilly

    Gilly New Member

    Great work from you guys, thanks for awesome product!
  3. Tonelib

    Tonelib Administrator

    Many thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions! It was implemented in the latest release.



    Please check out the update and let us know if you have any other suggestions.
  4. Riffer H

    Riffer H New Member

    Once again, I'm blown away. The speed with which the devs respond to bug reports and FR's is top class! Thanks for the amazing new stuff, it's absolutely perfect:D
  5. ChrisSpyratos

    ChrisSpyratos New Member

    I could totally use a precount feature for the recorder! Right now I cannot use it because I don't have a midi controller.