GFX is actually Zoom?

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    There are some ties between tonelib and zoom. Tonelib has that zoom editor/librarian software, but is GFX actually a version of zooms 'G' line of effect processors written for computer?? I believe so, or at least that GFX is completely based on zoom. I believe it is literally zoom's G effects, hence the name(GFX) I have a zoom G5. A lot of the GFX effects have the same name as the zoom effects, and some of the icons in GFX are identical to zoom icons. (except color which zoom G5 doesn't have) My zoom is old, maybe all GFX effects and icons are in newer zoom processors. I have not A/B'ed the software and the pedal, but the pedal is quite old, and the computer has a better processor, different and better audio converters, sample rate etc. so it probably wouldn't sound the same anyway. It makes sense why they would write software for zoom processors, maybe part of reverse engineering. Did everyone already know this?
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    Really? Nothing?? Nobody is surprised or is like WTF?? Just me I guess
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    community does not seem to be very helpful. but products are good