GFX latest edition Loop!!!

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Brifingersan, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. Brifingersan

    Brifingersan New Member

    Thanks for the update cant wait to try he loop station out well done!!!! also new gui looks good thanks!!
  2. Bleep

    Bleep New Member

    I was just trying it out and I'm not sure if I should file it as a bug report or am I missing something? The Autostart feature doesn't seem to kick in at all whatever threshold I set. Having to press space with my hand and then dealing with the delay from that I haven't had a super great time with the feature so far, but it might be I'm missing something.
  3. Brifingersan

    Brifingersan New Member

  4. Sutolip

    Sutolip New Member

    Hi, I am using Linux (Ubuntu studio) and the looper feature is very exciting ... Thx for that. However there are still some major flaws compared to for example the boss rc-30. 1 . I can t sync the recording with the rythm player, where as this is great to play in time and in the groove. 2 the end of the recording adds a lag (between when i press space-bar/stop and when the loop actually ends). I hope this can get fixed soon ...
  5. Constantin

    Constantin New Member

    +1 waiting for a fix to remove the lag between loop repeats
  6. Stanbill

    Stanbill New Member

    +1 : can't get a real loop with a bit of silence added at the end of the recording. (ubuntu 22.04 with Jack, 96000 Hz, buffer 256 samples)
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  7. Majik

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    The looping functionality is unusable at this point. I'm not going to be recommending Tonelib GFX to anyone any time soon, until this is fixed.
  8. Martin Vlk

    Martin Vlk New Member

    +1 here, looper is useless when it can't do ... seamless looping - come on! :p