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    I recently installed GFX and I like it a lot. I'm still getting to know the features. One thing I'm missing is search for Online Presets as the library is quite large. Please consider adding this feature.
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    Is this really the only post on this subject???? Tonelib is unusable with this. There isn't any way to narrow down the type of presets? surely this is was a problem as soon as at least 50 presets were loaded.

    Are there any work arounds that might help?

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  3. davidtaylors

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    I have found its best to search from most popular. Might help to start there. Other than that, it's really about making your own and running with it. Best software I have found closest to Fractal and other layouts. Keep up the great work.
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    Very much agreed. It's very surprising that such a feature is missing.
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    This is a major omission. Sorting is not a substitute for searching.
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    I have found the sort function to be quite useful... Clicking Name, Author, Mod date and more has helped me to find many hidden gems.[​IMG]


    Use GOOGLE to search the preset index...

    metal site:
    floyd site: 
    Google's spiders love indexing forums and you can leverage the power of their engine to find what you are looking for. Cheers!
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    Faster approach: searching the forum, saving the preset to disk, locally importing it into GFX
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    hmm, still not a feature 3 years later?