GFX vs JAM and Cabs/effects available- Same engine in background? Where are CABs stored?

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by Cedric Satterfield, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. I have both tonelib jam and tonelib GFC. In Jam, if you go to the Effects line of the popout toolbar on the left you get access to an interface to set up your guitar sound, patches, etc. Is this part of ToneLib GFX because I have it, or is it part of Jam by itself? Is it the entirety of GFX that is part of Jam? Basically do I have two versions of the same program with slightly different functionality?

    Are they using the same engine in the background- i.e. If I update 1 and not the other at some point is Tonelib JAM talking to ToneLib GFX and just pulling in whatever effects, etc, that its using?

    Also, there is Cab Simulator, with a bunch of preset cabs. Then there is "Guitar IR" with a bunch of preset Cabs. Then there is the IR toolbar on the right with Cab IRs labeled by number only.

    1. The Guitar Cab IR's- where are those coming from? And, can I drop my own IRs into that fold or should I store them somewhere else?

    2. The Cab IRs in the toolbar that are just numbered with no description- what ar they based on?