Good value usb interface for live rig?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by brucezepplin, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. brucezepplin

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    I would like to try ToneLib GFX for a live rig. Anyone have any recommendations for a usb audio interface or an input device for my guitar? I'm guessing a device which also passes on the output from tonelib to FOH too. Thanks
  2. mickron

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    Hmm… interesting. I like the utilitarian look of these things. Price and features aren't bad either.
  3. I don't know much about interfaces that fit into pocket, but I'd recommend any of entry level Presonus. They've got amazing preamps, plus, they are rock solid built.
  4. Natelok

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    I use a presonus usb96, which is the size of a good sized book. Previously used an M-Audio Mtrack which was smaller again, not exactly pocket sized, but not much bigger than a couple of phones stacked on top of each other.

    I use a mid range laptop running Linux mint and get a latency of around 3ms without pushing the laptop at all, using the presonus.

    The whole chain is Guitar into wah into presonus into laptop via usb back to presonus to l/r output channels or single stereo output for headphones, both with their own volume control. It also has phantom power onboard for condenser mikes. I've run the outputs direct into a PA desk, into studio reference monitors, into a power amp and speaker stack (home made 200w mono amp, 4x12 Marshall speaker box) and once into a guitar practise amp.

    So there's a slight delay between playing and the final output, but it's so small I don't notice it. 3 to 5 ms according to the laptop, which is about the same as standing a couple of metres from your amp.

    They retail around $120 from memory. I really like mine, and while you can get more channels, two in two out is enough for my needs.

    The maudio was a bit noisy on the guitar preamp setting because it was getting old, and had a slightly higher latency, but did much the same thing. I upgraded because I found a presonus usb96 second hand for $90.
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    After much deliberation, I ended up with the Behringer UMC-404HD. Drivers have been rock solid and I have no issues whatsoever.

    I personally recommend staying away from PreSonus and Focusrite - as their support is just awful.

    If you can afford it, purchase either something for RME or Antelope Audio. I have used RME for years - but have found the Behringer more than adequate for my needs here.

    Hope this helps?

    PS: If you can, try to rent a unit and see where that gets you.
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    I think it's been always like that.
  7. Why in the hell would you need any vendor support except for replacement of a broken unit? I don't know how the things are in Windows domain, but in Linux all new (and most old) Focusrite and Presonus cards work like a charm.