Greatest tone you will hate

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    preface - try the "Z Mp-1( tube pre-amp model found in the distortion box section) ) with the alien amp - thats the heart of this patch which is my favorite zoom exclusive sound i ever heard . it is truly unique and i love it - mind you i play thru frfr not a combo or stack front always thru something fr . i found this unusual patch unlike anything i ever heard and wrote quite a few songs with it . i admit i turned my ear sideways to it at first but i grew to love it and it has become my thing . i own a g3 , b1 , g1 , b2 and we have used them quite a bit pairing them with class d amps and all sorts of speakers . enjoy . please let me know if you hate it , how i have failed you , how much it doesn't sound like enter sandpit , that i smell etc etc etc . yes your tube amp is better - plus i only have two fingers and you have four . sorry ? Now - the patch - znr (not the point but you will need it) - whatever you like mine is @ 22- gtr- in 100 - z mp1 32 40 25 - allien g41 t29 l100 t58 mid58 bass44 pres58 allien4x12 combo power amp - hall decay 10 tone5 mix46 predelay 50 lvl100 tail off . note this patch is not used to TRY to play jimmy page jimi hendrix or any one elses music. hint - make your own . i use this patch on a zoom G3 v2 with a subtle med-slow moving phaser (before the amp) thats very low in the mix . pairing the z mp1 with the alien with these settings is the point of the patch , the noise gate and everything else are kind of window dressing . be creative , or not its not skin off my teeth if you sit and rot while trying to play the girls girls girls riff the rest of your life ...
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