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  1. JuppZupp99

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    Hello together.
    Yesterday, by chance, I came across a post on the Internet about a hack of the zoom G1on or G1Xon.
    And this hack has been around 1 year.
    As it turns out, the flash memory of the devices is not fully utilized and there is the possibility to store more effects there than the standard 105.
    It has been found that the effects of the zoom devices are also MS-50G, MS-60B and MS-70CDR compatible with the G1on and also G1Xon.
    I checked in on several websites and watched a few movies on YouTube, how to proceed and which programs are necessary.
    Then I decided to try it and it worked.
    I now have 137 working effects on the G1Xon.


    And who doesn't want to have more opportunities for free.
    Unfortunately, the additional effects cannot be detected or displayed here in the software of ToneLib.
    However, it should also be possible, since some effects are also available to the newly supported devices such as the G1X Four.
    With the software to hack you can put together your own collection of effects yourself.
    I have left the standard effects so that I am compatible with the test of the presets offered here and therefore expand the collection with 32 effects.
    In total, you can compile your own collections from 234 effects (without the ones for the bass devices), as long as the flash level indicator still shows green.


    There are two versions of the software. Verse. 1.1.0 and verse. 1.1.1
    I have straight with the verse. 1.1.1 worked and it worked.
    The software is available here:


    That's the only thing you need about software!
    You must have the drivers if you can work with ToneLib.
    So whoever is interested in it, here is the video with the editing software:

    Here someone tests his new effects.

    Have fun trying out!

    And maybe there is a release of ToneLib with the integration of the new effects.

    Greeting Michael / Mikel
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  2. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    So, has anyone tried it? :)

    I would help with problems, but I come from Germany and run everything through a translation program.

    Anyway, I'm thrilled to have more effects for free! ;)
  3. jazzrock71

    jazzrock71 New Member

    Not tried yet, but Tonelib program doesn't recognize added effects
  4. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    That's why I also left the "standard" effects and took over 30 additional effects.

    I have maintained compatibility with ToneLib and can use the presets offered here.

    And have the additional presets to try with the device, but without the graphical support on the PC with ToneLib.

    But maybe the programmers can extend the very good and beautiful software to the still matching effects and thus create an even better software!

    Did you import additional presets into Zoom G1?

    MfG Michael/Mikel
  5. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    I have played almost all effects of this list into my G1Xon too!

    List as PDF.

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  6. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    Hasn't anyone dared to do this yet? :(
  7. Togga

    Togga New Member

    Hi Jupp
    Did mine yesterday. it worked a treat.
    now i have extra effects to play with.

    Many Thanks for your tip
  8. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    had only found the matter by chance.

    You can also remove any effects from the original ones of the device (like bombers) that you don't like or need at all and play others for it.
    But I also found that it is a nice thing to simply expand the device without cost and mechanical intervention.
    Why should one leave the still free resources simply unused and the application of the program is totally simple.

    Greeting Michael/Mikel
  9. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    Does anyone have trouble applying the hack?
    Would offer help.

    If you have played the hack, you may also be able to try patches that are MS-50G, MS-60G and MS-70CDR for the devices.

    The required effects are also included in your G1on or G1Xon.

    Make a list of the recorded effects and match them with the required effects.
    If you have the effects in your device, you can also try them.
    If the effects are standardized without the hack in the device, you can imitate them with ToneLib in the program.
    If one effect or more is only after the hack in the device, you can only assemble the patch with the list from: Patch Settings.

    Greeting Michael/Mikel
  10. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    Have once made a very simple step by step guide to the hack, one in English and one in German.
    A little feedback on whether you guys did it would be nice.
    Greeting Michael/Mikel

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  11. Togga

    Togga New Member

    Many Thanks Jupp, for all your good work
  12. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    I only publicized it here once and did a tutorial.
    The program comes from Russia.
  13. Hunta

    Hunta New Member

    Hi friend. Excuse me but none of the effects interested me. In fact, it only used a total of 9 effects for the patches I need. Losing ToneLib is expensive for me, because even if I don't use the effects posted in their entirety, because of the difference in equipment, I make necessary adjustments and it looks great. Can you tell if there is a possibility of returning to the factory state?
  14. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    1. You don't lose compactivity with ToneLib, everything stays as before in ToneLib. You can get some (up to? 35) Take effects to the already played in the device, so all effects required for ToneLib remain. Unfortunately, these additional ones will not be displayed in ToneLib and you can only select and set them on the device.

    2. If you have already created your own presets in the device, they will remain. You just have more "toys" to try.

    3. If you want to get back again, you can use the software to deselect the additional effects and re-describe the memory.

    4. You can also save your own presets with ToneLib and make an original firmware update and play your presets back, but it's the most elaborate form.

    5. Just put it this way: You have 105 different marbles made of glass that you need to play in the club (ToneLib). Now you get about 35 different marbles made of metal. To play at the club you still have your 105 marbles, which all have in the club. If you are alone and not in the club, you can play with the 105 glass marbles and the 35 marbles made of metal.

    6. If you don't need and want the extra effects, just leave it with the full use of flash memory.

    Greeting Michael/Mikel
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  15. Ecky

    Ecky New Member

    This sounds interesting Mikel, I do have a question about it though

    When you say an extra 35 'effects' do you mean 35 patches/presets or is it giving you some extra amps/cabs/pedals?

    I tend to create my own patches/presets mostly so if it's just extra presets probably not that much use to me, but if it gives you extra amps/cabs/pedals that I can use in creating my own presets now that would be very useful
  16. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    You can choose from all the offered pedals and amp that are stored in the software.
    Download the software and start it, then you can see what can be selected. The software also works without a connected device.
    Greeting Mikel / Michael


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  17. Ecky

    Ecky New Member

    Cheers for the response Mikel

    I realised that was the case once I watched the videos you posted, I should probably have watched them before I asked the question

    Tbh I've never really familiarised myself with creating/managing patches using the pedal's controls, the display's a bit small for my tired old eyes so I've always used the Tonelib-Zoom software, definitely something I'll be trying when I've got a spare hour or two to play around with it though
  18. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member


    do it, because you get free extra things!

    And free things should be taken with you if you can!
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  19. Ecky

    Ecky New Member

    My problem at the moment Mikel is I have very little free time and a lot of things to get done in the little time I have

    I'll get to it eventually
  20. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    Take your time, don't run away!
    Just put Christmas behind you and then maybe it's time for something like that!
    A merry Christmas the and the others here in the board/post!

    Greetings Michael/Mikel
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