Has anyone got a good Royal Blood sound?

Discussion in 'Zoom B1on/B1Xon' started by Ben Williams, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. Ben Williams

    Ben Williams New Member

    I have tried to make my own and have tried some of the ones on this forum but I'm not a fan.
  2. Christian Mason

    Christian Mason New Member

    Hi Ben, I've spent a stupid amount of money on various pedals and the ONLY way you are going to get that decent octave up before the other effects is with a micropog (which I had and sold in a moment of madness). I've tried the smaller pog and pitchfork and it doesn't sound right, the sub n up is terrible and I was hoping that the Boss OC5 (that I ordered without hearing it as they are pretty rare at the moment) would do the trick, in fact it barely (to my ears) successfully replaces my old OC2 (another sale in another moment of madness).
  3. Tuxar

    Tuxar New Member