Help a hobo out.

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by ShaunoFella, Aug 13, 2023.

  1. ShaunoFella

    ShaunoFella New Member

    Hello fellow peddler's of sounds and all things meaty.

    I'm a bit of a newb with all this, I have a G1on and have browsed the forum. I want to mess about and try some patches and drums out, but am wondering if there's an idiot's guide.

    I have all the neccesary stuff, but I want to start out with modifying the drums first. I'm wondering how that works? I assume I'm just uploading RAW files to replace the current drum sounds - any suggestions what are the best? I generally play electric and indie stuff.
  2. Jon Bennett

    Jon Bennett New Member

    I downloaded the G1on manual. It seems similar to the G1 Four that I have, just an older iteration. As far as I know, you cannot change the drum sounds at all. They just are what they are. As far as patches go, the G1on manual seemed pretty clear. Do you have a specific question about creating patches?
  3. KevinL7778

    KevinL7778 New Member

    you can change the drum sounds with the firmware edito, look up zoom g1xon firmware editor 2, it also lets you use compressed effects files and it saves spavce so yo ucan fit more stuff.

    For the drums navigate to to the drums folder in the firmware manager and replace the files with the sound you want, keeping the name of the sound the same so it can play it fro the assembly code.

    Alwasy make a backup,