Help with volumes...far too many!!!

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    Hello everybody,
    I'm not a big audio tweaker and not with enough knowledge on that, especially when it comes to the Zoom which is new for me.
    I need some help to set the different volumes that are in my pedalboard.

    This is my pedalboard and the boss volume pedal is at the end of the chain.
    First I have the volume of the compressor that I set to just less than half.
    So I have the volumes on the Zoom patches for the effects (example Drive), the volume for the amp and the master volume; normally I do not use the volume pedal on the zoom, I just use it as an expression pedal.
    Then there is the pedal volume and everything goes off directly in a Allen & Heat mixer with its own gain and volume for the guitar and the main volume.
    I tried different position but I'm getting mad as I am spending hours and hours without really coming up with nice solutions.
    My main question is on the volumes on the Zoom (amp and the master volume for the patch); if I go down on 30 on the volume for the amp and leave the master at 90/100 it seems that I am loosing the power of the amp. If I goes the other way around with 7/8 on the amp then I have to reduce a lot the master.
    Is there anybody that can drive me trough this issue and help me out?