Hi. Could you convert g5n patches to tonelib please?

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    It's there someone who could convert and send to me the tonelib format of The Guitarist Ozielzinho Gn5 patches please? Thank you so much for your help!


    You can load them from ZoomGuitarLab News G5n Creator patches.

    List of his partches:

    • Rhythm RCT (for REC) - Timbre to rhythms with Recti ORG.
    • Lead Ozi (for REC) - Distortion of DYN Drive + FD TWNR + RCT4x12. This patch is real mix of combinations.
    • RECT Oz (for REC) - Rectifier as standard.
    • RECT SOLO (for REC) - My favorite patch for daily use and features my own sound character. Recti ORG + Gt GEQ + HW4x12 and P-P Delay.
    • RectWarmRT (for REC) - Timbre more "Warm" by using Recti ORG + FD2x12. Ideal for rhythm guitar.
    • RectWarmLD (for REC) - Solo version of RectWarm.
    • Clean Ozi (for REC) - Classic Fender sound and a beautiful Chorus effect. Use it for everything!
    • BGN Ozi (for REC) - Best tone for solos with Xtacy Blue.
    • 800 Lead (for REC) - I like this tone to sound Hard Rock. Use MS800 + MS4x12 to become more real as possible.
    • 800 Rhythm (for REC) - Again the MS800 to use for rhythms in HardRock.

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