High Gain Tonelib GFX Preset 2019

Discussion in 'Request patch' started by Krail Anuar, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Hi Guys... What Ups.. Im Krail Anuar.. Can We Collaboration To Do High Gain Tonelib GFX Preset... I Mean Use High Gain Amps And Cabs + Own I.R + Overdrive + Distortion + Booster + Compressor + Room / Studio / Arena Reverb + Delay + Wah / Whammy For Create High Gain Patch For Tonelib GFX... Tonight I Will Upload High Gain Tonelib GFX Patch With My Bundle Of I.R / Own I.R 4X12 High Gain V30... Feel Free Can Send Me Your D.I Clean To My Email thetonetweak@gmail.com. Thanks
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