How does it work, and why isn’t it free as everyone says it is?

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    I’ve seen several threads about Tonelib Jam being free. So I download it, along with the GFX and the Zoom and it’s only a 30 day test run, and if I want to use it longer than that then I have to purchase it and register it. I’m confused about how is it free if you have to pay for it? Also, I have no clue how to use it, and cannot find any instructions online. Is it a program where you create and write your own songs? I was wanting something to be able to open audio and/or tab files to practice along with. The band I play with tunes 1/2 step down from standard, and most of our songs are in standard tuning. I’m looking for something I can adjust to where the audio file drops the tune without compromising the tempo. I was under the impression this Tonelib Jam does it. If I could get it to do that I’d be more than happy to pay the $40 it’s asking me for, but yet again, I don’t know how to use it and cannot find any instructions online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!