How to accomodate Heavy Metal pedal alongside the G1X Four

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    I have just bought a G1X Four pedal and although the sound banks on it are absolutely superb, I have a Electro harmonix metal muff and a GCB 95 Wah that I would like to run along side it, I have several questions, But first here is my setup :

    I have a signature DD Razorback guitar (No trem) No additional configuration, it is what it is
    I have a BC Rich Assassin (trem) that I have modified the truss bar to drop C
    I have the Zoom G1X Four, The Metal muff and the Wah.
    I have a practice amp which is no greater than 15Watts RMS

    I suspect I'd be killing two birds with one stone on the first question, but here goes

    Im new to the forum and to the pedal, and would like to know,
    How would I use my EH Muff for distortion or GCB 95 for wah instead of the supplied channels(Like Red Crunch and Violent Distortion, Black wah, etc)

    Ideally I would like to try and get the G1X Four hard as hell for my work in drop C on the Assassin, the best way I can think of doing this would be through the Metal muff, but Any help would be appreciated, example tones like Arch Enemy, Pantera, Jeff Loomis and Children of Bodom would be greatly appreciated.

    I would also like to get a nice airy solo tone with lots of hall and reverb for my lead work and would mainly like to know where I should place the noise gate, but its not urgent and I can start a seperate post for this
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    Many thanks to flamesoff for his post, using the information found here for another device I managed to use the information within to create a, not quite Arch enemy, but still very good combination. I must hasten to add this setup REQUIRES a further metal pedal in order for it to sound good, otherwise it just comes across as bland and flat.

    The G1X unit I used nearly ran out of RAM when making this and you might need to import the Noise Gate if you dont already have it on board.

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