How to make honking sound?

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    Hi. Serious post i swear.

    Our band has interest in sometimes doing far-out noisescapes. I built quite a few patches that work really well for this and am pretty proud of some of them. But i made all of them by trial and error since i don't actually understand how sound modulation works. I just pick random stuff and see what sticks and what i like.

    But last night during our jam, the drummer asked if the pedal has a honking mode(after i showed him the garbage that is the pre-built "Explosion" patch on the B1X.) And i said no it doesn't have that specifically, but you could probably chain some effects to achieve a honking type sound modulation.

    so this got me curious. How would i approach this? any effect chains you would recommend?

    Ideally the higher notes would sound like clown horn squeaks. And the low B to sound like a fog horn/semitruck horn. With the more middle notes sounding closer to pitch shifted regular car honks. Maybe the expression pedal could help somehow?

    Is this crazy? do you think it's achievable with just 5 effects in a chain and the amp's EQ?

    Thanks for reading. I hope someone has ideas how to make this patch. In the meanwhile i'll be poking random buttons to see if i land on it.

    Cheers mates <3
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    This sounds very interesting! I would love to hear if someone has an answer to this. Have you uploaded your patches? I would be very interested in them! If you could also copy and paste the patch notes for them, that would be extremely helpful!