I have no sound using tonelib gfx or tonelib zoom pls help

Discussion in 'Tonelib GFX Language files' started by George23, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. George23

    George23 New Member

    Hello i just connect my Zoom g1xon pedal to my pc using usb cable and i connect and the guitar to the pedal but i have no sound when i play with the guitar i try to change effects, but nothing the verison of the pedal is 1.21 i didn't did anything to it. Maybe i have to download drivers ?? or i need an audio interface to get sound ?? if anyone can help me please! thanks
  2. Mog

    Mog Member

    You need to use an additional USB/Audio interface with digital output (eg Behringer) between the Zoom G1Xon audio output and your PC.
  3. George23

    George23 New Member

    Yes i will take the focusrite scarlet 2i2 thank you for your comment!

    btw i can play with the effects of the pedal and i found this:

    do you know if i do that after if i format the pedal it should remove the effects that i just add or no ??