I have no sound using tonelib gfx or tonelib zoom pls help

Discussion in 'Tonelib GFX Language files' started by George23, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. George23

    George23 New Member

    Hello i just connect my Zoom g1xon pedal to my pc using usb cable and i connect and the guitar to the pedal but i have no sound when i play with the guitar i try to change effects, but nothing the verison of the pedal is 1.21 i didn't did anything to it. Maybe i have to download drivers ?? or i need an audio interface to get sound ?? if anyone can help me please! thanks
  2. Mog

    Mog Member

    You need to use an additional USB/Audio interface with digital output (eg Behringer) between the Zoom G1Xon audio output and your PC.
  3. George23

    George23 New Member

    Yes i will take the focusrite scarlet 2i2 thank you for your comment!

    btw i can play with the effects of the pedal and i found this:

    do you know if i do that after if i format the pedal it should remove the effects that i just add or no ??
  4. Joe William

    Joe William New Member

    I know it's a no-brainer, but check the headphone cable or the connection from the G1 output to the amp.
    I suppose you know that the sound does not come out through the PC, the application is only for editing the patches from the PC but the sound always goes through the out output of the pedal.
    Finally, check that your USB data cable is good and the application detects your device and installs the driver on its own.