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  1. peterpan42

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    hello and good day to all thanx and im also play guitar in our church and our buy the zoom gx1four so im new in this and i need help to get me some good patch for worship set up and also don't no what is also best pedal to add beside the zoomgx1four?? and thank for all that reply me good day may God bless all of us thanks
  2. Lucas Pokriwieski

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    I'd probably test many different setups for that purpose, but probably I'd use a good amout of reverb/chorus/delay pedals on the zoom g1/g1x for that.

    By the way, where are you from?
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  3. peterpan42

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    Hello and good day I thank you for responding I Well do test all the free set up on this zoom gx1four it got 49 Free set patch thy are cool to use and I found some good patches set up here too and I thank you all

    I'm from Philippines and thanks for your help reply to me