I tryed transcribe a song to score with using tonelib jam & tugguitar.

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    here is guitar.

    speed 80% & musicsheet


    rythm guitar

    this is drum part...

    I feel a little pain with editting drum part score.
    That's because it is necessary to input everything without copying by copying and pasting measures of one instrument part (track) and copying and pasting sounds only to one instrument only for drums.
    I used tugguitar in some places for that work.

    There is a hope that D.S. and D.C., as well as Coda, will also be supported.

    I also installed the Linux binaries, but Ubuntu Studio's Xenail only worked until boot. I got an error when I tried to read the file and it was frozen.
    I look forward to future Linux support.

    Thanks to the developer
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    Also, if I have the ability to import MIDI files or TugGuitar files into tracks, I can realistically write scores with tonelib jam.
    It is remarkable for drum tracks, but since it is only possible to copy and paste in multitracks, it is not suitable for writing drum scores at all, so drum scores written in other programs and guitar scores written in tonelib jam I want to use it in accordance with etc.

    In this case, it would be appreciated if there was a way to print out the score in multitrack.
    In other words, I would like to extend the function to print out for each current part, such as printing the bass and drums on the same sheet music.

    Currently, I save sequence data in guitar pro 5 format, read the file with Musecore 3, readjust the MIDI instruments, and output the multitrack score.

    Also, I want to be able to output an archive file for each part instead of multitrack.
    This assumes that if you make a guitar, bass or drum multitrack, you will output the file with just the bass.

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