If I factory reset my Zoom B1 Four...

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    ... will it retain the latest firmware (2.0)? Or will it revert to v1 of the firmware?

    And: do custom patches "survive" after firmware update?


    I recently bought a secondhand B1 Four. It had the original firmware on it, which I've since updated to the latest (2.0).

    However, running through the patches tonight, I'm wondering whether it may have retained the previous owners' patches despite the updated firmware. Certainly, some of the settings seem odd, including patches which include basic effects (eg compressors) which are turned off.

    So I'm thinking a factory reset back to defaults, and then modify the original sounds, will be the best starting point for me in crafting some useable tones.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    EDIT: I RTFM and learned that factory reseting will wipe all patches and restore them back to their defaults. But there's nothing there about whether a factory reset will revert the firmware back to V1.
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    For the benefit of anyone who also wonders...

    I bit the bullet and factory reset the B1 Four. It DID retain the updated (v2.0) firmware.
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    Factory reset simply resets the Presets part of the internal memory. So the custom presets are lost and replaced with the original factory presets. However, the factory reset will not restore the original effects, in case some of the effects have been removed or new added. That means that some of the factory patches may be missing some effects.
    As you realized, the factory reset does not change the firmware; firmware update program does.
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