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    Not sure if this is a ToneLib thing or DAW-related, but there's 3 settings on plug-ins for input routing:
    L:R->L:R (signal is completely centered, regardless of track panning)
    L:R->L (signal is completely centered and panning right just decreases volume)
    L:R->R (signal is completely centered and panning left just decreases volume)

    With the plug-in absent or deactivated, signal pan behavior is normal.

    Maybe I need to wrap my head around the concept better, but unsure why the plug-in supercedes my panning selection on the track. Still fairly new to using a DAW (and even newer to using VST plug-ins for amps). Can anyone point me in the right direction? If this is more related to DAW settings (Waveform, by the way), then I'll have to start looking there.
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    Hello Dave,

    This is a DAW thing. Most DAWs allow you to select the input to record from.
    In the case you listed for your workstation what I believe this to mean:
    Stereo L+R
    Mono L
    Mono R

    Tonelib only needs the Mono input (usually it the Left for a mono in) and will output stereo if you use Stereo FX.

    Worth noting is if you plan to record a track to say a solo guitar track, with a Stereo Reverb or a Cross delay you may have to select the L+R so the new track is recording the Stereo left and right to the single track.

    On Rhythm tracks you typically can use mono tracks if you are double tracking and can then use the L selection.

    Hope that helps.