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Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by avidity, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. avidity

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    I just got the G1x Four and got ToneLib Zoom installed. I wanted to download some patches from the forums here, but my memory is already at 99%. I deleted one factory patch I didn't care for, but my memory is still at 99%. Do I need to be deleting effects themselves vs. patches to make room? Hoping someone here can show me the basics of how to get a patch on to my new G1x Four. Thanks!
  2. DeMentis

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    The G1X has 2 types of memories:

    processing memory (in percentage): This is the processing power of the unit. Each effect consumes a little of it, try browsing each effect and go to their properties, there you can see if an effect is currently used by a patch - If it equals 0 then it's safe to uninstall - Don't be afraid to
    uninstall effects, they aren't fully deleted, you can reinstall them anytime you want.

    patch memory: You have 50 slots for storing new user created patches.
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    Thank you so much for explaining that! Much appreciated!
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    Getting this kind of info in a report or summary view would be SUPER helpful.