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    I'd like very much to purchase Tonelib GFX but I'd like first to know what's happening on the development front. Updates pace seems to have slow down since the begining of may.
    I can see many bug reports but I never see replies from the development team. How can one know if those bugs are taken care of?

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  3. thefunnyside

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    Hi again,

    Has anybody ever got in touch with Tonelib and its development team?
    I contacted them through the contact form and I'm still waiting for a reply.

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    They don't seem to reply to posts here on the forums...
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    You could just take the risk at the low low cost?
    I doubt that a product affiliated with Zoom would juat cease being updated.
    It works and it sounds great, does it need updating?
    I'd prefer to use it than sit there waiting for point revision updates, (which will come when they are required).

    I had Amplituibe previously and after each major release there would be some bug updates (not feature updates) then they became few and far between. Because, it was no necessary.
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    You might be right. Nonetheless, bugs should to be fixed. Those are the kind of updates I have in mind. Not necessaraly features.
    Now, I was offered an Amplitube 5 SE license. But I'm trying to evaluate if I can get more with Tonelib GFX.
    Most of the presets you can get with Amplitube require more expensive versions.
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    Hey, they must have heard you! - Comprehensive update released today. :cool:
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    Yes. They've made my day. :)
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