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  1. gx61

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    Hi, have been playing with Jam for some time (just basic level keys, bass, guitar practice) and loving it.
    One thing that I miss is the ability to change/select the midi engine used by the software. TL Jam seem to be hardcoded to use an internal GM midi engine/soundfont, the sound of which could use some improvement.
    It would help a lot if user could optionally select an external midi engine and/or GM soundfont (for example virtualmidisynth with a range of preferred soundfonts)

    Many thanks
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  2. I double this. It would be cool to play with fluidsynth, LinuxSampler, or a more complex setup consisting of different synths. This will make Jam a great solution for those who play live with a backing track. Also, I'd add a way to route metronome to another output than everything else uses. This would be perfect.
  3. Tonelib

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    Hi Alex,
    We have implemented a Instrument Manager that allows you to assign a VSTi/Sampler/SF3, etc. to any score track.
    Unfortunately, it is not stable yet and will require additional work.
    Oh yeah, I have the same request in my todo list from our drummer :)
    We are currently working on double-routing for GFX (something like this ):

    After that we will add this feature ASAP.
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  4. That is the thing I miss in GFX the most.
  5. gx61

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    Many thanks for taking this up. Should this feature need some beta testing I am happy to help.
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  6. thpapak

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    I would also like to assign VST Instruments to score tracks in Jam.
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