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Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by Scythian, May 20, 2018.

  1. Scythian

    Scythian New Member

    Rally good work with the ToneLib software! Thank you very much.
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  2. bowie92

    bowie92 New Member

    Agreed, this software is awesome
  3. slorge

    slorge New Member

    I'm on board, too. So much easier to point and click than to turn dials and figure out which button is which!
  4. Emi_wan71

    Emi_wan71 New Member

    Awesome to my!!! Thank you!
  5. Emanuele

    Emanuele New Member

    Thank you guys! found this today and it's great!
  6. PaulTreff

    PaulTreff New Member

    Thank you for this excellent software! A real lifechanger :)
  7. Jorzef

    Jorzef New Member

    Thanks the software gave life to my stopped g1xon because i couldn't bear playing and bending my back just to change a little something on the patches constantly
  8. jesuguru

    jesuguru New Member

    Just got my B1on, this software is a huge blessing!
  9. 12barde

    12barde New Member

    Another big thank you!!!