Justin Chancellor - Tool

Discussion in 'Zoom B1/B1X Four' started by al3x751, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. al3x751

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    Justin Chancellor - Tool
    Will update with a way better setup.​
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  2. StingRayBassGuy

    StingRayBassGuy New Member

    I’m really interested in what you can come up with. I’ve tried a few, but nothing close to his sound
  3. CCC1971

    CCC1971 New Member

    If you happen to know them or could figure them out fairly easily would you mind making suggestions for an effect chain for the zoom b1on? Thanks!!! If not I totally understand
  4. Gil Meyuhas

    Gil Meyuhas New Member

    hey, can u upload the old file? or did u finish the new one? thanks
  5. Axel Valderrama

    Axel Valderrama New Member

    Mmmm... hey, can u upload the old file? pls...
  6. StingRayBassGuy

    StingRayBassGuy New Member

    howdy all. I added a patch for Forty Six & 2 in a new thread. Let me know what you think
  7. asaadee

    asaadee New Member

    Hello, can you upload old file please?
  8. Cecilia

    Cecilia New Member

    please, update! we need you!
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