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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by mistydoo53, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. mistydoo53

    mistydoo53 New Member

    Linux Tonelib working perfect fro changing prsets.
    How do I load presets that I have downloaded from here?
    When I go to import, Tonelib is not seeing the download preset?
    Thanks Kindly
  2. Angel Candelaria

    Angel Candelaria New Member


    I realize this post is more than a month old, but did you solve the issue? I assume you're talking about the Tonelib Zoom, right?

    I'm a Linux user too, and it works perfectly for me. I'm thinking that maybe the presets you downloaded are for a different pedal form the one you have. For example, if you have a G5n and downloaded a preset for the G1X Four, Tonelibe Zoom wouldn't see it because they aren't compatible. Make sure you're downloading presets for your current pedal.

    Hope this helps!