Linux Studio Now a Reality - Thank you!!!

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    Bit of a rant but I'm soooo stoked with your product!! Have to tell about it!

    I have wanted an all Linux studio to produce my own Rock/Metal for years!
    With my new Mac Mini M1 giving me spinning pinwheels to wait (though I was done with that when I left MS!)
    And the idea of futzing with Linux terminal, packages, libraries, fighting with it all, been there done that and always a bit of an issue.
    No ToonTrack-like drum plug in
    My Line 6 HX Stomp, no Linux support
    M-Audio card and Jack in Linux etc.

    Now things have changed!!
    -Ubuntu Studio install easy FAST!!
    -Reaper is now Linux Native and works VERY well for a "Beta"
    -Recently I learned that Ugritone has Linux Native Drum VST!
    -Tonelib GFX I found on accident!! - this guy sold me!!

    I have a Line 6 HX Stomp and after setting up my new Ubuntu, Reaper, Ugritone Drums set up, no HX Edit for Linux to work my HX Stomp. I always shied away from "guitar amp Plug ins", my past experience was that the latency could not go low enough, it felt odd and off etc. And did not sound that good.

    Then I tried your GFX. I'm on an i5 gen 6 with 8GB RAM its running on a 128GB SSD. I have Reaper up, I have a masterbus chain of Reaper stock plugins, Ugriton Drum kit up, Two instances of ToneLib running and I am seeing about 9-17% CPU use. Buffers set to 64!! and am at 48/24! Ok maybe not surprising to some, but say 10 years ago...this was impossible!!

    Then I pitted ToneLib GFX head to head with the Line 6 HX Stomp Tube Screamer, Recto, and the same Ownhammer IR. IMO the GFX delivers what I want (want to say kills it, but tone is subjective). Your recto sounds exactly like I'd want a recto to sound! And now that I can use DIs, have an inspired tone to track with... no re-recording because I forgot to do a setting a certain way. (see attached clip, the first riff is ToneLib second HX Stomp).

    Your GUI is so easy on the eyes (getting older LOL!), the tuner is great, workflow is so much better for me than HX Edit ever was. You hit the perfect balance for me for simplicity vs technical. I like simple! The metronome, the other features I know I will use! How often I'd be working with a metronome, then noodle a riff and have to go open Reaper to record it. Your built in IRs!! That Soldano IR, that tone!!!! Maybe a couple of minor suggestions later but for now I am just floored!! The HX stomp is going to get lonely once my new USB interface shows up.

    Ubuntu on my Dell i5 seems much more snappy than the M1, I know that should not be possible!! But I'm not getting wait circles even when opening a PDF file!! I just know Ubuntu just seems snappy!

    Between Ubuntu, Reaper, Ugritone Drums, and now ToneLib SFX very excited to have this all Linux environment to create in. I look forward to producing my next project on Linux and using ToneLib GFX and am telling anyone who will listen to check it out!!

    Thank you guys!!

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