Linux Studio, Ugritone and ToneLib GFX Video

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    Did this for the gang over at Ugritone and thought I'd share for any guitarist thinking about going all Linux.
    Have to say for Tone Lib GFX on Linux to be "experimental"...the experiment is going REALLY WELL!!
    ToneLib really brings out the charterer in the IRs I use much better than was happening in an HX Stomp.
    Please keep supporting Linux ToneLib!
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    Even if you want to come to Linux, it does not mean that you must stop using SOME of your favorite software, using a VST bridge and WINE (a compatibility layer for using windows programs in linux or mac) you can combat planned obsolescence and use many of your favorite applications. In this video, I demonstrate the installation of LinVST then run the Windows version of Ugritone on Linux with Reaper as my DAW. Tonelib-GFX is used for Guitar audio.