Looking for a generic 311 drive tone..

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    I'm completely new to this forum and community. I've had a G1X four for a year or so but haven't used it as much as I wanted to because I always felt like the sound quality of the drives were cheap and hard to program, but now I'm really loving the ease of tailoring FX via the PC via Zoom's Guitar Lab!

    I'd really love to make some sounds but all these amp and cab models have me confused. Back in my day when I was learning guitar over 20 years ago, all I had was regular analog stomp boxes like Boss pedals and a regular combo amp. I don't know anything about amp and cabinet models so I feel a bit limited in designing sounds but I'm trying to learn.

    I would love it if I could find a generic distortion that I could use when I play songs off of Soundsystem and From Chaos—particularly 311's song "I Told Myself" among others I love to play. My amp at this time is a Roland Cube. Is it just me or does the distortion always sound better coming from the amp vs from a multi-FX unit? I got the unit to use the looper but it's hard to when it sounds like crap. I think part of the solution may be in how I set my amp. Finding better results with it set to "JC Clean" and the gain down.

    Anyway, any advice beyond my request is much appreciated!
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