Marshal 800

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    Marshal 800

    Device: Zoom G1X Four
    Firmware: 2.00

    Name on device: Solo3
    Optimized for: Guitar Amp

    Effects chain:

    Patch comments:
    This standard distortion sound uses MS 800.

    Effect: "GoldDrive" (Overdrive / Distortion), active - "yes"
    "Gain" = 66
    "Bass" = 59
    "Treble" = 55
    "Volume" = 60

    Effect: "MS 800" (Amp simulator), active - "yes"
    "Input" = HI
    "Bass" = 52
    "Middle" = 48
    "Treble" = 70
    "Presence" = 60
    "Gain" = 75
    "Volume" = 70

    Effect: "MS4x12" (Cabinet), active - "yes"
    "MIC" = ON
    "D57: D421" = 50
    "Hi" = 61
    "Lo" = 55

    Effect: "ZNR" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Detect" = GTRIN
    "Depth" = 76
    "Threshold" = 30
    "Decay" = 0

    Effect: "Plate" (Reverb), active - "yes"
    "PreD" = 5
    "Decay" = 28
    "Mix" = 18
    "Tail" = Off

    Patch Volume: 34
    DSP Load: 87%

    Note: This is a patch file, you will need to download and install the ToneLib-Zoom software to use the patch.

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    Hi, why have you put ZNR after amp and cabinet, and not at 1st place like in many default patches found in Zoom G1 Four?
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    Oh, sorry, I checked and in fact in default patches ZNR is sometimes at 1st place, many many other times is at other position, for example between amp and cabinet, or after cabinet.

    Do you know how to correctly choose the position of ZNR effect?
  4. Smolev Anton

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    Hi! The ZNR position is selected based on what you want to get. If ZNR is set at the beginning, then the noise from the guitar will not be multiplied by the following effects, if the noise is strong, but the initial signal quality will not be full. Low frequencies are cut off. If the noise is normal, then it is better to cut off the already amplified signal.
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    Hi, thank you for the clear and useful description.