Master Of Puppets Metallica Zoom B1x4

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    In this song, Cliff Burton basically uses mainly a clean tone with a hint of drive and fuzz and uses his fingers with lots of strength to pick giving him that iconic clicky tone, and turn your tone knob all the way up, I wanted to stay true to the track and keep it clean and simple because sometimes less is more. Also you can really use this for like any metal or rock song, feel free to make improvements to my patch and post them. (also sorry for no zoom file I don't use computer stuff its too complicated)

    ZNR, DETCT: EFXIN, Depth: 100, THRSH: 74, Decay: 0

    BlackOpt, Comp: 100, Lo: 60, Hi: 50, VOL: 75

    Dark Pre, Bass: 77, L-MID: 48, H-MID: 62, Treble: 68, Blend: 75, Gain: 49, VOL: 61, Boost HI

    Dark OD, Gain: 87, ATTCK: BOOST, Blend: 20, VOL: 67

    EP Stomp, Gain: 35, Bass: 1, Treble: -2, VOL: 29

    (Personal Settings) Output, Lo 15, Mid 34, High 24, VOL 28

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    Why am I not using a computer? and you live ;) The computer helps a lot and makes it easier, you do everything twice as fast and transparently, but download the program from this site ToneLib Zoom without it it's hard