Midi connection to DAW

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  1. Alfred

    Alfred New Member

    Hi, thanks again for such a Wonderfull program!

    Here is my suggestion:

    Can you give Tonelib a virtual midi in and out port so we can send and recieve program change and expression from our daws?
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  2. Tonelib

    Tonelib Active Member

    Good idea, added to todo list. Thank you!
  3. Jorzef

    Jorzef New Member

    That would be awesome if you could do it!
  4. dave_t

    dave_t New Member

    Love the Tonelib software! Adds so much utility to the hardware! :)

    I've been able to get my DAW to recognize the G1xon as a MIDI device, just by plugging it into my laptop's USB port. It shows up as "Zoom series" or something like that in my DAW's list of MIDI devices. I'm using Reaper on Windows 10. The most I was able to do was to send program change messages, which change the patches on the pedal.

    While researching further, I installed a couple of standalone freeware utilities that monitor and send MIDI messages (including sysex). Again, I was able to send program changes, but I don't know how to get the pedal to receive or send sysex data.

    I found a couple of web resources that talk about other Zoom products' use of sysex
    But in terms of generating and manupulating sysex data, I'm way over my head.

    I assume that the developer of Tonelib has figured it out in order to update the pedal from turning the knobs in the Tonelib software. And the developer of ZoomLib has figured it out and developed hardware ("ZPI", avaiable for purchase) for footswitch and pedal control of G1xon parameters.

    It would be cool if Tonelib or some other software could link parameters to MIDI CC messages - you could then customize your own setup with a DAW, and generic footswitches or expression pedals. To be honest, I think what I'm looking for is that the developer of ZPI has figured out, but for free. :confused: Here's hoping. $0.02
  5. Alex

    Alex New Member

    any news on this ?
  6. Andrey Seven

    Andrey Seven New Member

    Hi There! It would be really great to be able to control the Zoom MS-70CDR via DAW. For example make Tonelib as a VST plugin. By the way, who knows whether it is possible to make tempo synchronization with DAW?
  7. alexthebassist

    alexthebassist New Member

    To some extent, yes. If you mean tempo dependent delay and modulation time adjustment, this can be achieved by calculating respective times in the software and then passing them to the pedal. This should be enough for delay, reverb and modulation.
  8. Jorzef

    Jorzef New Member

    Any news on this, thanks!