Midi + Linux in Tonelib GFX

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by hmollercl, May 11, 2022.

  1. hmollercl

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    Anyone has been able to setup midi control for tonelib gfx in linux?
  2. tonelibwlk

    tonelibwlk Member

    Using the standalone app, I was able to map the joystick up/down on my microkey-25 to "prev bank" and "next bank". I'm not sure how useful it would be, but it works. I'm using AVLinux, and Jack. The microkey-25 shows up as an "active midi input" in tonelib-gfx.
  3. hmollercl

    hmollercl New Member

    Thanks, I thought it was necessary to appear in jack connections but it worked.
  4. Majik

    Majik New Member

    I'm not getting this to work. I'm using KDE Neon with the KXStudio repos and ToneLib GFX 4.7.5.

    I have my Airstep connected (I have tried both Bluetooth and USB connection and both seem to work) and it shows up in amidi -l as well as on Jack, if I run that:


    It also appears in Tonelib GFX using both ALSA and Jack drivers:


    (And, yes, just to repeat, I have tried this using a direct USB connection and it's exactly the same issue)

    I have also used midisnoop to check that midi events are coming through:


    However, whatever I try ToneLib GFX does not seem to read the MIDI events and just sits there:


    I have also tried this with my USB connected Akai MPK Mini mk 3 and it doesn't seem to take any notice of the MIDI from their either.

    I notice that (in the top image) when using Jack, the JUCEJack item, which appears to be ToneLib GFX, does not show up a MIDI input. I'm not sure if this is relevant or not.

    Any ideas?


  5. tonelibwlk

    tonelibwlk Member

    So, I tried something else, perhaps to keep you in the box. I installed jack-keyboard. Started it from the command line, and it showed up in jack, and I connected it to "Midi Through Port-0":


    Midi Through Port-0 is active in ToneLib:

    Hit the "+" next to "MIDI > Presets navigation > Prev bank" in TLGFX, get the prompt pop-up, and I move the mod wheel slider on jack-keyboard, and it accepts it.

    Maybe try that and see if it works. As you see, I'm also running a2j, but that doesn't seem to come into play if I am using, say, my Korg microKey keyboard.
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  6. Majik

    Majik New Member

    Thanks for your help on this. I have it working now. It seems ToneLib only recognises MIDI CC, and not PC.