MIDI Whammy pedal

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    Hello. I am so excited about ToneLib Linux version because it provides fantastic sound, control, and new feel to guitar amp and pedal processing and modelling. I happy that ToneLib has MIDI control section to control modules that can include whatever effect. However, I wish to see in future the option to control every setting that is in the effect or amp model and I hope that you will made it possible. Also I wish you could add a Whammy pedal, I know that you already added a pitch shifter effect, but it will be very useful option to control pitch with MIDI expression pedal to have ability to play Tom Morello style solos and leads. Thank you very much for your work. Your product and work is best digital alternative to other well-known amp emulation software that uses all system resources.
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    I second this. A wammy pedal would be great.