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    I've been playing bass for a long time but I've never really used any effects always my bass running straight into my head and I've always with a little tweaking gotten my desired sound. Recently i hooked up my old ADA MB1 that i've had for a long time but never really used it but a few times. It's an awesome preamp and I can pull just about any sound/tone you could want. When hooked up I'm only using my head that I normally use every day just as a power amp with everything cut off no treble, mids, bass, just flat and I get everything from my preamp. I don't like packing a lot of crap with me if I don't have to and just messing around with the zoom, I think it has some really good presets on it but right now I've never hooked it up to my rig just a set of headphones. If I were to hook it up to my head to use for gigs/practice would I be using it as I would my ADA preamp and just use my head as a power amp and the pedal for a preamp or with the pedal would I still need to dial my normal sound in on my amp and the pedal just ads that little extra something to it or get 100% from the pedal itself. Like I said I normally don't use any effects at all and I'm just trying to get the best possible sound that I can out of this little zoom because if I can get the sound that I'm getting from it out of the headphones to come out of my amp that would be great because it sounds killer through the headphones. Thanks for reading and any help would very much be appreciated.