Migrating G1 Four patches to MS-50G

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by TA Walker, Jul 21, 2023.

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    I've been using a G1 Four on my pedalboard for a couple of years now, and just bagged a new unopened MS-50G off eBay for about 30% off their usual shop price.

    In short: I have a small set of patches on the G1, which I'd like to "migrate" to the MS. It's welcome that I can use Tonelib Zoom to edit patches on both units (especially with the cramped interface on the MS), but it looks like their patch formats are not directly compatible.

    If I have to manually recreate the patches on the MS, then so be it, but: is there a way to copy/paste or convert saved patches from the G1 Four to the MS-50G?

    Many thanks
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    Congrats on the new pedal! Not sure why to migrate? G1 FOUR is technically more up-to-date in terms of effects, especially the Cabs. A lot of G1 FOUR effects internally use the same or better algorithms as the MS pedals.

    Anyway, somewhere there was a list of MS effects and their G1/B1 FOUR equivalents.

    Not all effects are "mappable". Also MS effects support up to 9 parameters, while G1/B1 FOUR mostly use 4, some may use up to 8. So some user considerations would be necessary to make choices.

    In general, the patches are not directly compatible, as you know it already. Technically it's possible to write a program to convert between these formats, if this is really worth the effort. I did something like that for MS-60B => B1Xon patch conversion, though G1 FOUR parameters section is more variable.