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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Mørkvitnir, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Mørkvitnir

    Mørkvitnir New Member

    Hello, just installed ToneLib GFX and i don't know why i cannot use mp3 files as backing tracks. Help me out please.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    TL GFX should work fine with mp3 files, so it seems quite strange.

    Could you please send us the backing track file you're unable to use, so we can get a closer look at your problem.

    You can send it on the following email:
  3. Mørkvitnir

    Mørkvitnir New Member

    I sent you the first track i was trying to use. But actually it is not the only one, and it seems strange. I could not find any forum thread related to such a problem with mp3 files not working with TL GFX.
  4. Brahman

    Brahman New Member

    I have exactly the same issue, but just in Linux.

    I tried in windows and it works, but in linux doesn't recognizes mp3's, that's weird.

    Could anyone go further with this case and help us?

    Thank you.
  5. Telecasterman1

    Telecasterman1 New Member

    Same issue, Windows version works, LInux version
    does not with MP3. As far as I know I have all the sound codecs
    installed correctly. Using Belringer 404 interface and ALSA. As long
    as GFX is open it locks out other sound programs like Audacity so strike
    two. Perhaps I have to use JACK to use other programs with GFX? Anyway,
    really need MP3's to work as that is what most lesson books use. Otherwise
    great program. Could you add a keyboard hot key as a tone preset select
    between two tone presets?

  6. Joseph district

    Joseph district New Member

    Same issue, Windows version works, LInux version
    does not with MP3.
  7. Gianluca Banti

    Gianluca Banti New Member

    Me too... in Linux no access to MP3 file as Backing Track
  8. hmollercl

    hmollercl New Member

  9. Telecasterman1

    Telecasterman1 New Member

    Why am I starting to get the feeling MP3 files will never be a
    part of the Linux version?
  10. thefunnyside

    thefunnyside Member


    I guess Tonelib GFX uses an audio lib that refuses to support patented audio formats.
    Since MP3 is no longer patented, it doesn't make sense to still exclude it.
  11. Telecasterman1

    Telecasterman1 New Member

    I understand that Linux is only 1% of the market and developers don't see it as profitable. Here's the
    thing, if you only use Linux you are paying the same price as the Windows version for a "Experimental" Linux version. By experimental I also mean "temperamental" as it locks-up and crashes. Using qjack helps a bit but not enough. Ya, I can boot to Windows version but I got tired of windows "hidden telemetry hell" running in the background and causing my fans to ramp up when I'm just sitting on the desktop. Linux users are caught in a loop where there is not enough love in the development community to create the programs that would increase the user base. Tonelib needs to create a stable, non-experimental version with MP3 support just like the windows version. I really like Tonelib for it's non-bloated simplicity, It's 90% of what we asked for in RockSmith.