MS50-G issues

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Paul Weber, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. Paul Weber

    Paul Weber New Member

    I just picked up a quasi new MS50-G (v3.10).
    I downloaded the tonelib software and connected the pedal and now want to "import" the Rev Reverb to a free slot in an unused patch.
    When I do this, the effect shows for a second and then is replaced by the Bypass module.
    I tried resetting the pedal, but the problem persists.
    What else should I do?
  2. Paul Weber

    Paul Weber New Member

    It was a stupid mistake of mine.
    I had forgotten to download the Effect Manager
    before trying to edit the unit's patches using the ToneLib application.

    Now that I've run the Effect Manager I have been able to
    a) delete all the effects I didn't need (most of the distortions)
    b) upload the modulation, delay and reverbs I needed (yay!)