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    As a consequence of the change made from a free to a paid business model I would suggest ToneLib to enhance the user experience and work on a translating the menus into multiple languages, starting with the most spread ones (Spanish, German, French) and adding more with each versions.
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  2. This may look as a sane idea, but come on, everybody knows what's a preset, how frequency ranges are called in English, and all the other necessary stuff. Why don't you ask Marshall to “localize” their amps for your country? Maybe because it's freaking ridiculous, right?
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    LOL, Alex are you mad at the rest of the world for not speaking English? Lo siento, mi amigo.
  4. No, and English isn't even my mother tongue. I don't complain that my software doesn't come in Russian or whatever Slavonic language I am capable of understanding. I just learn my tools. It's ridiculous and stupid to break standards everybody accepts. It's like whining that Italian musical terms in scoresheets (forte, piano, accelerando, ritardando, crescendo etc, not mentioning tempo/character definitions) should be replaced everywhere except in Italy.
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    Alex, I don't talk about translating common musical terms neither amp settings. Please read my post again. It's about the menus. Every professional software I use is multilingual. Period. There's no need for me to argue any further.